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Marni Soupcoff on COVID 19: Pre pandemic ignorance was bliss. It’s sadly gone nowI am mourning the loss of a mind unencumbered by the burdensome knowledge of how close we are to dying

Marni Soupcoff 20hours ago Columnists

Cargill to temporarily shut plant in Chambly after 64 workers infected with COVID 19The meat packing plant will close from Wednesday to Friday so all workers can be tested and reopen when there are enough healthy workers to operate it.

## ## Montreal Gazette 5days ago National

Derek H. Burney on COVID 19: Canada must begin the march to recovery soonA council of the best and brightest minds from industry, science and finance is needed to help chart the path forward

National Post May 6, 2020 Columnists

Brownstein: Sikh doctor chooses to shave ‘in this time of need’The mandatory N95 mask could not fully cover his beard, thus preventing him from getting closer to infected patients.

Bill Brownstein May 5, 2020 Columnists

‘This can happen to anyone,’ ex Hab Laraque says of COVID 19 battle”People need to take this seriously,” he says after being released from a South Shore hospital following his brush with coronavirus.

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